Enhance your software experience with us
We were working hard to find, analyse, implement, test and estimate thousands of distinctive software solutions to offer the best for you
Who are we?
Team of Software developers
We code or custom tools for years
Billing & licensing specialists
We resolve complicated licensing issues with any vendor
Business analysts
We create business-process from scratch
Software architectures
Doesn't matter how much does your soft cost if architecture is weak - we make it strong
Data Base specialists
Analyse, manage, control and store your data
Account & delivery managers
Client satisfaction is №1 metric for us. So our professional account managers do their best to make you happy
Why our clients & partners are the happiest?
6 essential reasons
  • Comfortable
    We do not make you write long technical requirements - we offer you best practise
  • Fast
    Fast work - means more saving and high ROI
  • Beautiful
    We make not only effective but greatly designed software
  • Professional
    High class work starts from details. We do focus on them
  • Guaranteed
    We provide official guarantees for every product we provide
  • Secure & confidential
    NDA signed, data and agreement details secured.
Steps of software integration
Each project is an individual work, the algorithm of which is adjusted due to our experience.
Below you can find out what stages of development your software will go through:
  • Consulting
    Everythings starts from talk. First of all we figure out your business requirements
  • Business Analyse
    Then we analyse your business to get to know better
  • Business process review
    Our business analytic creates the business process if you didn't have one before
  • Software solution fit
    We find and offer the best business fit for your business
  • Integration of software
    We build up a workflow due to your requirements
  • Licensing
    Optimising prices for your licensing and offering the best rates
  • Post Project Support
    Include several month of support after project is realised, so you have a partner to approach
How the price come up?
Price usually includes in itself:
  • Software license
    Install the licenses for the best rates so you could save your budget and get highest ROI
  • Business consulting
    Analyse your business needs and expectations to satisfy all users of the system
  • Integration
    Integrate new software with current or future solutions
  • Project realisation
    Customize the software so you could save your time
  • Education
    Teaching your key users to work with new process
  • Post project support
    Do not leave you one to one with new system once project is done
Let's find the best fit for you
feel free to contact our sales team
Here are problems which you forget with us:
We know about your pain points, and make them vanish.
3 months go to 6

Before the project starts you will know your exact dates of start and finishing the project
Unexpected surprises

You will not have any "surprises" after contract is signed. All the terms & conditions will be discussed beforehand
Solve your problems on your own
As you have technical post project support, you wil not leave with your system one to one. We are always here to assist
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