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Hybrid IT Discovery & Dependency Mapping

Product Features
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Infrastructure Discovery

Device42 gives you a holistic view of your IT estate from physical data centers to cloud resources, cloud services, and cloud compute instances.
Get clear recommendations for right-sizing existing workloads for AWS, Azure, Google (GCP), Oracle, and VMWare Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Run advanced searches to find specific cloud resources.
No need for a long, drawn-out CI design process because all your CI’s and relationships are pre-configured. But Device42 does not simply lock you into an inflexible structure.

CMDB for the Cloud Era

This gives you a clear view into your IT ecosystem to identify, manage, and verify all configuration items (CI) in your environment.

Fast and Easy Integrations
Device42 includes a very granular and secure set of RESTful APIs for integration with other applications used to manage your IT infrastructure.
IP Address Management(IPAM)
Device42’s IP Address Management (IPAM) capabilities provide an easy-to-use, intuitive console for centralized IP visibility and control including IP tracking, IP assignments, and many other IP management functions.
Insights+ Reporting & Dashboards

You can spot trends and ensure that resources are balanced across locations and initiatives for effective capacity planning.The dashboard also provides application dependency mapping that identifies the applications, infrastructure, and virtual devices dependent on the power distribution units (PDUs) to help you mitigate risks in the event of a failure.

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