Want to make business with us?
Let's be partners!
Who can partner with us:
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
  • Freelancers
    You have clients who use software or work in such companies
  • IT integrators
    You sale software for companies and frequently have requests for other solutions which are out of your scope of work
  • Referral companies
    You see the opportunity to sell or develop software for the company. Share lead - earn money
Reliable relationship
Our company is partner which you can trust
If you refer client first (before any other partner does) your deal is considered to be protected. You will recieve passive income from referred client for lifetime.

This is not one time profit - but stable source of income.
How we can work together:
Referred lead
You can just refer a client with clarified need and our team will do entire pre-sales and sales activities on our own - you will just earn your commission for lifetime (you will earn every time when client pays us)
If you want to control entire process and manage the opportunity, we can sell together with our team and you will be sure about the quality of provided service. You can participate in every stage and get in details of the deal.
Service implementation
We can cooperate with the deal. If you sell to the client but just want our team to do all (or part) of the work, we are your partner who provides high level service and maximum client satisfaction
NDA is signed with every partner.
Let's start from an introduction talk =>
Why should we partner?
Lifetime profit for you
Passive income from every deal. All deals are transparent confidential for partners
You can rest assured for your customers software. Huge level of experience proves our qualification
Client satisfaction
Only the highest level of technical engineers, billing specialists and individual account manager will serve your client
We can support you in your deals with our knowledge and relationship with software providers and our internal team
Easy start
If you want to start your business or journey in software business but not sure about quality of service provided - approach us we guarantee high result
You are professional at your specific niche but do not wat to lose opportunity. We can upsale and make more cash-profit for you
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